My Unusual Post: Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim



I kinda don’t know first what i want to write here. Guess i just want to excel my ability to communicate in english. I am in the middle of following one of successful medical drama in korea. The title is “Romantic Doctor Master Kim”. I kinda love the story but there are a thing or two that i don’t like or feel the plot just force for the impossible thing. Let me list some of it:

1. The title… I don’t understand why the title say romantic doctor when in the story i don’t see master kim romantic at all. From the way this story tell about master kim, he is successful surgeon and love his pupils. He has some great skill in surgeon area, a responsible person and you know he care for his patient and his coworkers. There are nothing about describing him with the word “romantic”. I think that it’s the opposite. He is kinda stiff person because i don’t see he involve in some romantic relationship. If anything, maybe i will just describe him as caring person. I don’t know if it is about the way of the word translate from korean to english that maybe romantic is the closer term to describe the word from korean. I don’t really know about this. But maybe the best explain is that the term romantic just the closer term it is from the term in korean word. Hmmm…<—- it kinda explain in late episode i guess? So maybe you can ignore this number


2. So much ridiculous thing happen in this drama, like: Yeon Soo Jung in the earlier episode, she suffer from great guilty feeling because she feels that she was the cause of her dead boyfriend’s accident. She even attempt suicide because of this. It just dramatize so much that when the after event she just heal herself and no sign anymore to the guilty feeling, i feel that something lack here. It just i feel the execution to her problem just you know like i ride a roller coaster and when i’m on the top road, suddenly the speed become normal. No thrilling, just feel flat, boring, not excited anymore.

3. The feeling i feel from what i list above, i get the same vibe not once but it repeated. In the earlier episode, Do In Bum hate Yeon Soo Jung so much because he thinks that she is his father’s illegal daughter. Because of this, he want to test their DNA to prove that they are not blood related. And then the issue never come back anymore, it just forgotten in the air. So funny.

4. The execution about Kang Dong Joo ignorance attitude to one of his former patient. He had one patient from his former hospital when suddenly he choose to postpone this patient surgery to perform surgery for the VIP patient. And then he kicked out by his former hospital director and his ex coworker take over his patient. He didn’t follow up about this patient, and his ex coworker postpone the surgery for a long time it cause the dead of the patient because the late handling. Daughter of the patient come to his current hospital and made up rumors about him. She said he is murder, not doctor. Sure there are some misunderstanding here because he already handed over his job to his ex coworker so it’s not his responsibilities anymore. Moreover maybe he forgot to follow up about this patient surgery because he was busy with his moving to current hospital with so much thing happen there. He said he was really sorry it turned out like this, because ironically his father died because of the slow response from the doctor, it pretty much like his case. What i dont feel satisfied is that the day later he just back to normal and pretend like nothing big incident happen the day before. He just back to being happy again like i don’t know but i feel the scriptwriter didn’t really good with the execution. I didn’t say that he need to be in gloomy himself, but i don’t know i just feel disappointed in this case. I feel that he need to reflect himself for a while, maybe there are scene when he is alone in his room and kinda talk to himself that he really didn’t expect it will turn out like that and apologize that he forget and say he can’t do much and so on and so on but well maybe i’m just in emotional mode.

5. Oh, about the scene in earlier episode when Yeon Seo Jung’s boyfriend when he was still alive, he talk to one of nurse there in secret like it made us viewer think that there are some affair between them, but nope, there are no explanation about why they talk in secret. It just suspicious and then the end. He just died. “No explanation needed”, scriptwriter-nim said. Gahhhhhhh….<— it didnt explain much but it kinda explain in explisit way in the latest episode, so ignore this number

6. About the homeless patient that turned out to be resident doctor who are in escaped, that go back again to this hospital to become doctor there because she love the atmosphere there. She have this secret crush for Kang Dong Joo and really love to pay attention to him, we see how she admired him and liking him in secret, but no progress. We viewer left with false hope. We’re left hanging again by scriptwriter-nim (again!!!!)

7. Doctors from Geodae Hospital come to Doldam Hospital with their doctor gown already in their body. Did they travel in their uniform? Really scriptwriter-nim????? Like, you know, distance from Seoul to Gangwondo is like around 108 km. If you travel from Seoul to Gangwondo, it will take about 3 1/2 until 4 hours if u’re using train or bus. If we consider that a car quicker than a bus, still you will need around 3 until 3 1/2 hours to get to Gangwondo from Seoul. I dont know about them but if its me, i dont want to travel in such a long hours using doctor gown. It’ll feel uncomfortable. Hmmmm…

8. Director Do seems like he has nothing to do except meddling with Doldam Hospital. It looks like he live near the hospital and abandon his own hospital, otherwise why it seems that everyday he go to this hospital? I mean, isn’t Geodae and Doldam a few hours apart (look point 7)? How come after he is on the phone he will go to Doldam suddenly he was there (no time gap)? And it happen often on some episode. Is he teleporting from Seoul to Gangwondo?

9. How barbaric it is that there are some theatrical fight between doctor and staff from Geodae with staff in Doldam? It just very ridiculous and didn’t give the vibe that they are an educate people.

10. Ahh i remember…. How in the world people can hear conversation that mile away? Okay i exaggerate here but what i mean, they didn’t stay close, they didn’t even talk loudly, how on earth the sound resonance that people that ear drops can here it clearly??? And two more ear drops that happen one door away, the door clearly closed and they can here it clearly like they are stand side by side. And more so the later didn’t even ear drops, they stay fairly far from the door but they can still hear the word when the speaker just talk in normal sound. Gahhhhhhh…..

11. A group of cardiac doctor specialist travel long distance from big hospital in Seoul to small hospital in Gangwondo just to watch the live surgery there. Who handle the patient in Seoul when it seems that every cardiac specialist from that hospital in Seoul go to Gangwondo? JUST BECAUSE Director Do want to destroy Master Kim? And dont forget they abandon their own patient in Seoul. What if there are some emergency case in Geodae that need Cardiac Surgery but no one there to do the surgery? Great!!

12. Chief’s daughter just play along with Director Do. I mean, can’t you just forget everything and focused on your dad pre, during, and post surgery? It kinda she didn’t priority her dad health over this destroyin-master kim-thing. Sighhh

13. So much confrontation that happen to be watched by many people it repeated i feel kinda awkward watching it. When it happen I questioned myself, don’t they need to treat their patient? I mean, its okay if its just a small group of people, but when almost all of their main staff just stand there, doing nothing, just watch it happen, like there are Kang Dong Joo, head nurse, Yeon Seo Jung, Do In Bum, Nurse Park, etc feel shock, what about their patient? Hello, anybody free there can treat this patient? It become more and more ridiculous you know. Furthermore, the scene about Kang Dong Joo burst out because he questioned about his dead father that he think the doctor abandon his father because of VIP patient, everyone shocked and just froze there. I mean, they are in the middle of choosing who are the more urgent patient and they need to act quickly, but they waste it watching Kang Dong Joo emotional side it take some minute away and the patient is forgotten!!! I give standing ovation for you, scriptwriter-nim…

I abandon this post and then come back again long time after i finished this drama. So i forgot another ridiculous thing that maybe happen in another episode. Looks like i list so much about the flaw of this drama when in fact i need to appreciate this drama more. But you know, I mean if its just too much thing that i think too strange or ridiculous, i kinda cant pass on it, like when i watched Rooftop Prince, i cant enjoy that drama without being a judging person all over that drama. Unfortunately i dont list the ridiculous thing about that drama and dont want to go back watching that drama to list it. And yeah, in the end i didnt enjoy that drama and just wanting to see what another strange thing happen in that drama. Yoochun’s face cant make me stay longer on that drama and i happened to fast forward that drama and questioned myself about my life choice to watch that drama. LOL.


Fortunately, for romantic teacher master kim, i can enjoy this drama till the end. I mean, now i know some kind of term on medical field, like intubation, scalpel, irrigation, mmm what else??? I FORGOT!!!!! Hahaha… But you know, for as much as i enjoy this drama, i dont think i want to come back to this drama in the future. I think watching this drama for one time is enough. You know what, once in a while i love going back to watch kdrama that i’ve watched in the past. Some kdrama that i enjoy going back are like princess hours, princess man, full house, 49 days, another oh hae young, king 2 hearts, secret garden, goblin, coffee prince, lets eat 2, school 2013, drama that have Gong Hyo Jin in it, and this list maybe will get longer. I love going back to drama that gave me satisfied feeling, no matter for how often i going back to that drama, i will always love to do that. For nostalgic feeling, for the laugh and sad feeling i got from watching this drama. For Jdrama, i always love going back to watch itazura na kiss first version (1997), hana yori dango, and hana kimi. Especially itazura na kiss, oh god…. I very love that drama. That fuckin stupid Kotoko and cool annoying handsome Irie Naoki, i’ve always love their story and never feel bored going back once in a while. Oh yeah, i dont like the itazura na kiss new version, i feel that it doesnt as engaging as the first version. Watching once is enough.
Ok, it seems like i write too much and saying unrelated thing to the topic of this post. Lets end this post here. Oh yeah, i wrote this long list of ilogical thing about this drama and didnt say about the thing i give thumbs up for this drama, like you know, its because our nature to see the flaw in other people and ignore the best thing from another. Am i right? Am i right?


PS: for anyone who never watch Teacher Kim, give it a try!! I advice you: dont read this post if u dont want to feel spoiled because of this post. Oh yeah, the kiss on episode 1 is to die for. So wrong yet so romantic it give me chills. Seo Hyeon Jin and her acting, i love this woman!! She can act for sure…and can kiss too hahaha… Waiting for another project from this actress.





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